Packaging gallery for order and stock products

Since we mostly produce packaging per order, with custom specifications such as sizes and materials, we always have something to show new and prospective customers. Thus we have established as a tradition to take photos of the most interesting products we have produced recently so we can give an impression to the customer of the types of custom packaging and quality that we deliver. In the gallery you can find the custom order packaging and the stock standard packaging sections, both showing our main packaging offers. Furthermore, we can delivery fully customized packaging on contract that is made only by specification and we cannot keep any stocks from it. The 2 categories of packaging on stock we can offer are:

  • Photo gallery of custom order packaging according to specification
  • Photo gallery of stock standard packaging with short delivery
  • Photo gallery of short run packaging with ready tools/Опаковки от готови инструменти на склад
  • After taking a look at the photos, you will be amazed at the diverse packaging range we offer at most competitive prices in EU.