• Paper, Carton, Corrugated and other types of Fibre Packaging

    Our packaging offer is the most comprehensive in the country, if not in whole Europe. Starting from blank, unprinted cartons, going through all the types of paper and corrugated packaging, and finishing off with 5 types of print - flexo, offset, screen, digital and rotogravure

  • Plastic, Flexible Film And Synthetic Packaging

    Next to our fibre based packaging, we offer the full range of plastic packaging such as plastic boxes, trays, cups and containers for the catering sector. For the food and pharmaceutical industries, we offer the complete range of bottles, caps, capsules and other types of packaging required by the industry.

  • Metal Packaging Of All 3 Types Hot Formed, Stamped And Cut Piece

    Metal packaging cans, bottles, packaging tubes(toothpaste packaging), caps, POS stands and displays. Tin, copper and aluminium sheet materials for exclusive wine collections, cosmetics packing and souvenir gifts. We also produce some speciality packaging for the weapons industry and other demanding sectors requiring

  • Glass And Porcelain Packaging

    In our glass and other similar materials packaging range, we can offer bottles, glasses, jars and other types of glass packaging consumable at top prices. Our full range of glass packaging completely covers the needs of the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, drink and catering sectors. We can personalize the items directly, as well as apply labels to the packaging in 2 colours.

  • Wood Packaging, Crates, Wood Pallets, Stands And Displays

    As our last type of packaging material, wood is the easiest to work with and to deliver. We offer all types of wood packaging for wines, cheese, and other foodstuffs, wood crating on demand for short runs of transport packaging on demand and security crated weapons. Another major market is the agricultural sector for fruits and vegetables where we remain with top prices

  • Labels And Nylon And Other Types Of Packaging Consumables

    Just to cover the full range of packaging and consumables, we offer printed labels, both on paper and plastic as well as some rare products such as agricultural nets and supplies that go along with our packaging. Other small products and services we offer so we can be a one stop solutions provider for our customers. Thus we deliver self-adhesive tapes, plastic corners, locks and strapping tape on contract with the usual packaging we deliver on demand.