Storage and warehousing of ready-made packaging

We understand customer demands better than any other packaging company on the market. Thus we can afford to stockpile packaging from orders on storage and deliver to the customer as needed, when needed. In this way the customer saves space, as well as some cost for running short runs of some packaging, thus pushing down the prices for the packaging as much as possible. We can stock pile up to 1 year of consumption for certain customers, that we regularly serve on contract and cannot afford to disappoint, however for most other customers, we require some type of trade contract or prepayment to keep their stock packaging.

Normally we keep in our warehouses the most common materials in use so we can act quick in case of order. Moreover, the general company policy is to work with customer chosen materials, that we need to have at all times. As most countries in the EU now have the same offer of paper and plastic films, often from the same merchant we can procure any type of materials from catalog, either on stock in the region or with short delivery from the material supplier. Just let us know brand, reference number from merchant and thickness so we can give you an offer for the packaging you require.