In this section you can read more about our relations to our 3 groups of stakeholders:

  • Trade Partners And Commercial International Co-Operations

    As we try to provide complete solutions to companies in all industries, we inevitably need partner companies that can produce for us certain products we can't do in-house. What is more important, as every company and even country is having its own competitive advantages, we prefer to outsource manufacturing of products to companies that are more competitive. Even if we can produce a specific order it does not mean that we have to. Rather we try to utilize our advantages of producing what our main competences are - specialities for the countries in Northern Europe and at the same time cover the local market

  • Employment For The Company

    We realise that in order to stay competitive we need to attract the best people in the packaging industry - from sales people to technical personnel and designers. As our long term aim is also to offer new products and solutions so we can stay ahead of the tough competition, we need new idea from packaging industry outsiders who see our business as part of their delivery chain, not just normal employer employee relationship, and try to promote our products in new markets. For these purposes we need motivated and reliable people to join our company with the long term in mind.

  • Relations with outside investors and company owners

    Our last group of stake holders seems to be the least important due to a couple of reasons. First and foremost, we try to offer competitive products to our regular customers, thus cutting our margins as much as possible. As our main objective in the business is not making money, but in the first place to get as many customers as possible satisfied and second to grow our market share. We don't act out of greedy motivations, but rather because we love the packaging business and strive to do our job perfect!